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Join Our Team

Some of the Benefits of joining our team:

We are always looking for licensed (or interns) professionals to join our team.

If you are fluent in Hebrew and English and:
Psychiatrists (MD)
Nurse Practitioner (NP)
Licensed Psychologists (PhD)
Doctor of Psychology (PsyD)
Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LPCC) 
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFT) or
Licensed Social Workers (MSW)
Life Coaching (certified)
MFT Interns ~ MSW Intern

Registered Dietitian
Certified Nutritionist


Group Network

By joining Lev Le'Lev Counseling Center you will have an instant network of fellow mental health practitioners. You will be expanding your professional relationships, and discovering new opportunities.  Whether in solo practice, group practice, or academia these connections will further enrich your career.

HIPAA Protected Video Platform

All therapists require the extra layer of security when using video conferencing. 

 Here at Lev Le'Lev, we will provide you with a program that is secure and HIPAA compliant

(Zoom for Healthcare)



Client Referral 

Having a steady flow of clients can be a challenge.

We will take care of this part of the equation so you can focus on what really matters, the therapy.  You just need to decide on the date and time that is convenient for you.


Supervision | Consultation 

As an MFT Intern, you must meet the mandatory minimum of one unit of weekly supervision. Our approved clinical supervisors provide the necessary supervision to fulfill the requirement.  

Any LMFT interested in participating in our Intern Supervision Program will receive compensation for the supervision time.


Putting your name out there is very important for a therapist's advancement.

For every therapist that joins our team, we cover the advertising in Psychology Today.



We remove the annoyance of seeking payment from clients. Lev Le’Lev takes care of all of the billing and we pay you directly.  This way you can focus on the therapy and on your clients.

We’re Hiring
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