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Robyn Sheiniuk MS, LCSW


Type of session:

Years of experience:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Video, Phone

25 years


California, Florida

License Number:




Religious Affiliation:

Service type:

Individual Counseling, Marriage/Couple Counseling, Child/Adolescent Counseling

Judaism - Modern/Haredi Orthodox


50 minutes session rate: $

90 minutes session rate: $


This therapist is not offer sliding scale fee. For more information contact us.

Client age:

15 - 65


Master of social work (MSW)


You put your all into showing up for everyone else in your life-family, friends, and work. You often put yourself on the back burner.  You push through feelings of depression, anxiety, and exhaustion. You think you’ll “just get through it” until you can’t anymore.  I work with women who are great at many things, but taking care of themselves is often not one of them. 

You don't have to keep struggling alone.

I’ll offer you a compassionate, listening ear in our work together.  I’ll be supportive and caring as we tackle the pain of your trauma, loss, or cancer diagnosis.  We’ll process the frustrations of parenting. And we’ll look at new ways of improving your relationships.  What’s brought you here might be a current situation or a painful history.  We’ll see how the past and present are connected by exploring how old experiences shape your recent reactions.

We’ll use deep, insight-oriented therapy to help you better understand yourself and the people in your life. EMDR therapy can help you work through your unique pain to get you to a place where you can see the future you want.  My clients often describe me as direct, honest, and insightful. I help my clients look at their lives differently, giving them a new understanding.

As I challenge my clients to look at things differently, they often respond with, “that’s a great question.”

What it’s like to work with me…

My clients come in wanting someone who really gets it. And while I haven’t experienced your unique pain, I do know what it’s like to go through painful and complex experiences and wonder if you’ll come out the other side and if you’ll continue to survive (and even thrive) in that future.

It’s why I’ve dedicated my life to working with women struggling with trauma, loss, grief, and cancer.  I support caregivers with loved ones battling cancer and work with women struggling in their parent or step-parent roles.

I believe that the unique challenges you’re facing deserve a level of expertise that I’ve worked hard to achieve. So as a psychodynamic therapist also certified in EMDR, I’m here to help you move through your pain so that you’re able to feel calm and peace inside and have the types of relationships you want, and engage in life in a new way.

A little more about me: I’m an LA native, and on my 30th birthday, I gave up the hope of ever not sounding like a Valley Girl (even though I grew up in the city!). I get the frustration of driving 60 minutes only to go 8 miles, and I avoid the 405 whenever possible! When I’m not busy working as a therapist, you can find me reading, traveling, and enjoying the sites behind the lens of my camera.

Counseling approach:

Psychodynamic counseling, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, EMDR


Coping skills, Depression, Family Conflict, Grief, Marital and premarital, Parenting, Relationship issues, Self esteem, Sexual abuse, Stress, Trauma and PTSD



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